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Election Information

We're glad you're interested in becoming a part of the University Program Board leadership team!

UPB Executive Board Application - These applications close at 11:59 on Friday, February 10th

UPB Committee Chair Application - These applications close at 11:59 on Friday, March 10th 

We will be having Election Information Sessions on Monday, February 6th at 5:00pm and 7:00pm in Prairie North (Bone Student Center). These sessions are not required in order to apply, but are rather opportunities to learn more about the organization/positions and ask questions from current members! 

If you have any questions about the different opportunities within UPB or our election process, please contact Annelise Mool, UPB President, at Specific information about board member expectations and responsibilities can be found on the Executive Board and Committee Chairperson pages, or in the UPB By-Laws. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need to be in UPB to get a leadership position? Nope! We have people in positions every year that do not have experience with the University Program Board before applying. This includes our current board members as well!

Is it required for me to attend an Election Information Session? It is not required! These sessions are simply there to provide you with more information and allow you the opportunity to talk with members in person and ask questions. Not attending will in no way affect your ability to gain a position.

What is the Executive Board (E-Board) verses the General Board (G-Board)? The Executive Board consists of the President, Vice President, and four Directors (Finance, Marketing & Communication, Membership Development, and Operations). The General Board consists of the Executive Board members PLUS eight committee chairpersons (six programming committees, a Graphic D esign committee, and a Marketing & Promotions committee). The General Board is considered  the leadership team of UPB. All General Board members other than the President vote and everyone works together to lead the organization. 

Can I apply for more than one position? Absolutely! You may apply for as many positions as you would like. You may also apply for positions on the Executive Board and a committee chairperson(s). 

What is included in the application? Each application consists of basic information about yourself, five short answer questions, attaching your resume, and acknowledging expectations. The application(s) should not take long to complete!

What happens after I fill out an application? Executive Board candidates will give a short presentation (maximum of 5 minutes) at one of our Full Board meetings on Thursday, February 16th. This meeting begins at 7:00pm, and you will be emailed a time slot after the application period. Following these presentations (or for committee chairpersons - after the application period), candidates may be contacted for an interview. These interviews will take place for the President, Vice President, and Director of Finance candidates on February 23rd (beginning at 7:00pm), for the Director of Marketing & Communication, Director of Membership Development, and Director of Operations on March 2nd (beginning at 7:00pm), and for all committee chairpersons during the day of March 25th. Following these interviews, the positions will be decided. 

When will I find out if I received a position? These decisions will be made and candidates will be notified shortly after the election dates. Executive Board members will be notified before committee chairpersons, as their interviews will take place earlier. 

What happens if I cannot make it on a certain day of the Election Process? If this is applicable to you, please contact the President, Annelise Mool, at, at your earliest convenience. 


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