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Collaboration Fund Tentative Guidelines 

  • This source for this fund comes from the Up Late branded budget, and therefore any event that uses its funds must take place on a Thursday/Friday/Saturday and begin at 9:00pm or later.
  • Any event, which uses this funding, must be proposed following the PPR for the semester during which it will occur. It shall be added to the schedule that was originally set at PPR.
  • Any proposed event must involve collaboration, either internal or external. Any group of students within UPB can propose an event. This includes a group of full board members, groups of chairs, or one member with another RSO.
  • UPB must be involved in the planning and execution of this program for it to be considered a collaboration. Pre-existing programs that do not require any UPB input will not be considered a collaboration. Additionally, UPB members will be present for the entire duration of the event (including set-up and tear-down).
  • Any collaboration program must be proposed at least six weeks prior to the proposed event date.
  • A $5000 cap will be placed on any proposed event to ensure that multiple events will take place through using this fund each year.
  • The member(s) proposing will utilize PPR documents and submit budget(s) to the Director of Finance at least 48 hours prior to the meeting at which the event will be proposed.
  • The General Board will then vote on the event proposal, and it must pass with a 2/3 yes vote of voting members.
  • For any event passed with this funding, an ad-hoc committee will be formed for the purpose of meeting with the external party on a regular basis to plan the event
  • Collaborative partners may use any UPB materials (yard games, tye dye, etc.), as agreed upon by the ad-hoc committee members, advisor, and collaborative partner(s)
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