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University Program Board
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We're glad you're interested in becoming a part of the University Program Board leadership team!

Unfortunately, applications are now closed for the 2018-19 school year. 



The University Program Board is comprised of Executive Board and Chairperson positions to create the General Board. 

Applications for Executive positions are now closed.

Applications for Chairperson positions are now closed.


Please reach out to Melissa Hill at or Sara Engstrom at with any questions.



Executive Board Positions


President- The President is the official spokesperson of the University Program Board. The President is required to chair all Executive Board, General Board, and Full Board meetings. The President is also responsible for coordinating and overseeing the general actions and direction of UPB.


Vice President- The Vice President will assume the President's responsibilities in case of a temporary absence or permanent vacancy. The Vice President is responsible for the coordinator of assessment, surveys, and the strategic planning of events. They also are in charge of the coordinating logistics for any conferences that UPB members attend.


Director of Finance- The Director of Finance is primarily responsible for developing, maintaining, and accurately recording UPB budget information. This position often works in the computer program Excel.


Director of Operations- The Director of Operations is primarily responsible for reserving event locations, booking catering, keeping minutes, maintaining office operations, and historical records.


Director of Marketing and Communication- The Director of Marketing and Communication is primarily responsible for overseeing the creation and director of all UPB marketing materials. They are responsible for overseeing the overall "brand" of UPB.


Director of Membership Development- The Director of Membership Development is primarily responsible for recruiting, training, and retaining UPB members.




Chairperson Positions


Arts & Entertainment Chairperson- Arts & Entertainment Chairperson leads a committee in designing and implementing culturally engaging and entertaining programs such as movie screenings, comedians, or craft nights. This semester, the Arts & Entertainment Chairperson is planning The Harry Potter Experience, the Comedy Fest services, and the Night at the Children's Museum.


Center Stage Chairperson- The Center Stage Chairperson works with their committee to bring various forms of larger scale, live entertainment to ISU and the surrounding community. In the fall, the Center Stage Chairperson brought Jesse McCartney and T-Pain to campus. This semester, they are planning our outdoor concert, Springfest.


Enrichment Chairperson- The Enrichment Chairperson leads a committee to develop programs that support awareness of social and global issues and enhance the educational experience of Illinois State University students. This semester, the Enrichment Chairperson is planning the Black Heritage Weekend, Taste of the World, and Latinx Fest.


Graphic Design Chairperson- The Graphic Design Chairperson leads a committee in creating quality multimedia for the organization as a whole and its events.


Late Night Chairperson- The Late Night Chairperson leads a committee in providing late night, alcohol-alternative events for students to participate during the weekend. This semester, the Late Night Chairperson is planning Treat Yo' Self, Casino Royale and Block Party.


Marketing & Promotions Chairperson- The Marketing & Promotions chairperson leads a committee in utilizing all aspects of media to promote UPB and its events. This includes managing our social media accounts, printing posters, and coordinating "street teaming" efforts.


Social & Recreation Chairperson- The Social & Recreation Chairperson leads a committee in planning programs that allow the Illinois State University community to interact through variously themed festival and social programming. This semester, the Social & Recreation Chairperson will be planning the Nintendo Night, Jewel Jamboree, Bingo Bash and Springfest.


Spirit & Traditions Chairperson- The Spirit & Traditions Chairperson is committed to developing programs that celebrate school pride, team spirit and Redbird family members of all ages that create lasting memories and traditions. This semester, the Spirit & Traditions Chairperson is planning Sing for a Shirt and Siblings Weekend.

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