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University Program Board
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Executive Board Members

Each Executive Board member has a very different role. Nonetheless, there are some things that tie Executive Board members together. For example, Executive Board members are the leaders of the leaders and the role models of the role models.

Executive Board positions are generally the greatest time commitment in UPB. The teamwork skills of Executive Board members are expected to be exceptionally high, as the Executive Board often acts as a "united front."

You do NOT need to be previously involved in UPB before becoming an Executive Board member, but it is helpful.

Executive Positions

President and Vice President

The President and the Vice President work very close together. For example, the President often uses the Vice President to brainstorm ideas or to finish tasks that the President is unable to complete. They also may engage in strategic planning meetings a couple times a semester. The President and the Vice President also work together to spearhead the creation, establishment, and sustainability of partnerships within the University and beyond.

The President and Vice President shall hold 6 office hours per week, with the times set at the beginning of the respective semester.


Each Director has unique responsibilities and offers a different specialty. Though there are are some specific action items that are detailed for each Director to complete, generally the job descriptions are loosely defined so that Directors may provide their own initiatives. Budgets are provided to each Director to accommodate these initiatives. Before you apply, it's a good idea to review each Director position and to develop ideas for specific initiatives that you would conduct if elected.

Directors shall hold 5 office hours per week, with the times set at the beginning of the respective semester.

Common Responsibilities

Executive board members have the most responsibility within UPB. Every board member has the following responsibilities:

  • Attend weekly Executive Board meetings, ranging from one hour to over two hours.
  • Attend weekly General Board meetings, ranging from one and a half hours to two and a half hours.
  • Serve as an Executive Board representative (E-Rep) at committee programs.
  • Attend regularly scheduled one-on-one meetings with your assigned advisor. These meetings can range from one hour to two hours.
  • Be prepared to hold emergency meetings as decided by the President. These meetings may be held to address a serious campus issue, a serious issue within the organization, or strategic planning for the organization.
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