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University Program Board
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Director of Marketing & Communication

The Director of Marketing and Communication is primarily responsible for overseeing the creation and direction of all UPB marketing materials.

Specific Responsibilities

  • Develop the UPB brand and overall message to be shared.
  • Develop and manage the Marketing Team, consisting of the Director of Marketing & Communication, Graphic Design Chairperson, and Marketing & Promotions Chairperson.
  • Serve as the Executive Board's representative for the Graphic Design and Marketing & Promotions committees.
  • Oversee distribution of general marketing materials for UPB.
  • Order all promotional items, including but not limited to street teaming items and various forms of signage.
  • Assist the Director of Finance in the development of materials to be used when seeking donations.
  • Create and distribute press releases related to UPB.
  • Maintain positive and strategic relationships with all media outlets.
  • Manage the UPB website and develop all social media posts related to the general branding of the organization.
  • Address all matters associated with public relations.
  • Meet with President, Vice President, directors, and committee chairpersons outside of the regular scheduled meetings.
  • Attend Executive Board, General Board, Full Board, Elections, Program Proposal Retreats, and special meetings.
  • Support committees through attendance at meetings and programs.
  • Coordinate the transition process of successor to the Director of Marketing & Communication position.
  • Sign and follow the UPB confidentiality agreement.
  • Complete other duties as assigned.
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